Star Monsters are creatures formed from stars and are the collectible aspect of the Star Monsters franchise.


When a star collides with an object, it will take inspiration from the object and form into a Star Monster. It is also possible for two stars to collide with each other, creating a fusion. There are a total of 152 known Star Monsters so far, all of whom start off in a white "essential" form, and gradually upgrade into different colours. Some Star Monsters can evolve into more powerful "evolutions".

Star Monsters origin


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When a Star Monster forms, it will belong to a family. There are currently seven different possible family outcomes, those being Water, Earth, PlantAir, Shadow, Ice and Sound.

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Some stars fall with extra energy. After the original transformation, these Star Monsters evolve! With evolution, the Star Monster changes shape and can have new colours. Most importantly, it improves its skills and increases its value.

Star Monsters evolved