The Star Monsters franchise has a lot of similarities to the Gogos Crazy Bones series, another franchise distributed by Magic Box Toys, also the creators of Star Monsters. Due to the large amount of similarities, one could say that Star Monsters are a successor or a "reboot" of some sorts to Gogos.


  • The commercial for Star Monsters has a similar setting to the Gogos commercials , both being set in an urban area, with stickers being stuck in albums and games being played, finishing with an overview of characters and product layout. The narrator is the same person for both commercials; but this is just because it is Magic Box's narrator, who also did voiceovers for other Magic Box commercials covering Zomlings, Bungees, etc.
  • The idea of games are extremely similar to Gogos, which also had games. In addition, both series feature characters who have favourite games.
  • The game Limit is very similar to the game On Line from Gogos. Both have the same conditions.
  • Each figure has a short description for them, usually listing a trait or interesting fact. Gogos characters also have these, written in the same style.
  • Star Monsters have Mini Capsules; a few Gogos series had display pods.
  • The Star Monsters idea of evolution is very similar to that of Gogos. In Star Monsters, the characters are given multiple possible evolution levels; in Gogos, the characters from Series 1 had their molds repainted into the "evolved" characters from Series 2.
  • The layout of the sticker album is very similar to the layout of the Gogos sticker albums.
  • The game 'Duel' is a direct copy of the game 'Battle' from Gogos.
  • All variants of Star Monsters (metallic, transparent, gold, etc.) have been covered by Gogos too.