The Shadow Family is a family of Star Monsters introduced in Series 2. It consists of 6 different Star Monsters. This family is unique as all members only have one dark metallic colour as opposed to the usual four colours. 

All of the characters belonging to the family have considerably villianous descriptions in their short biographies. In addition, the Album-Guide bio shares the same thoughts; meaning that the Shadow Family may be antagonistic in nature.


Series 2 Album-Guide

Main Bio

A mysterious family. They absorb energy from other Star Monsters.

Page Bio

Who are they?

Shadows are a new and mysterious family of Star Monsters. You will find them in only one very dark, shiny colour.

No essential versions have ever been found. People believe that they have absorbed energy from the other Star Monsters. Does this mean that they're bad? Nobody really knows yet, but so far none of the other Star Monsters have complained about the Shadows.....

Shadow Fans!

Even with their suspicious appearance, there are plenty of genuine Shadow fans! Some are drawn to their special colour and shine and others think they could actually be good luck charms.

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